Economics & Management

St Hugh’s College offers unparalleled opportunities in Economics and Management, with exceptional faculty, a large undergraduate and graduate student body, and close interaction with the Saïd Business School and the University of Oxford Department of Economics.

The college offers six undergraduate places each year in Economics and Management. This course is among the most popular in the University (and also at St Hugh’s), and our applicants come from a wide variety of educational and national backgrounds. What they have in common are exceptional curiosity, strong academic performances at school, and an insatiable appetite to learn.

From their very first term, our undergraduates take tutorials and lectures from the leading minds in their fields, immersing them in a stimulating yet supportive learning environment. We prepare them for careers in economics, finance, investment banking, corporate consulting, management, entrepreneurship, and public service. The course is also excellent preparation for graduate study leading to careers in research and academia.

The college’s Tutorial Fellow in Economics is Professor John Quah, who is a leading microeconomic theorist. In Management, St Hugh’s is unusual in having two Tutorial Fellows: Roy Westbrook, Professor of Operations Management and Head of Department at the Saïd Business School, and Professor Thomas Powell, a leading international authority in Strategic Management. Other members of the College working in related areas include Dr Jeremy Large (Research Fellow in Economics), Dr Collin Raymond (Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Economics), Mike Giles (Professorial Fellow of Mathematical Finance), and Xunyu Zhou (Professor and Director of the Nomura Centre of Mathematical Finance).  The College also features a thriving community of graduate students working in economics, management, and related areas.

An undergraduate education in Economics and Management at St Hugh’s offers the challenge and opportunity of a lifetime.


John Quah

Professor John Quah

Tutorial Fellow in Economics

Professor Thomas Powell

Professor Thomas Powell

Tutorial Fellow in Management Strategy

Dr Jeremy Large

Fellow by Resolution in Economics

Nuwat Nookhwan

Stipendiary Lecturer in Macroeconomics

Adrian Paul

Stipendiary Lecturer in Economics

Joshua Lanier

Stipendiary Lecturer in Economics

Dr Gillian Brooks

Career Development Fellow in Marketing

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