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Dr M Y Kan

Dr Man-Yee KanRCUK/British Academy Fellow in Longitudinal/Temporal Analysis and Junior Research Fellow in Sociology


I joined St Hugh’s College in October 2008 as a Junior Research Fellow. I also hold a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship and an RCUK Academic Fellowship in Sociology. My research interests are gender inequality issues, the interactions between the household and the labour market, working time schedules and family time, and empirical and methodological topics in time use research.

I am currently working on two major projects. The first aims to investigate the relationship between the domestic division of labour and the gender wage gap. The second studies changes in work week schedules in Britain and France over the past four decades, and examines the impacts of work schedules of partners on their time spent together and domestic division of labour. More details of my research can be found from my personal webpage and my departmental webpage.

I was born and educated in Hong Kong, before winning a Swire Chevening Scholarship to pursue an MSc and a DPhil in Sociology at St Antony’s College, Oxford. I worked at the Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex, where I am now a research associate, before returning to work in Oxford. In Oxford and Essex, I also met my husband Timothy Chan, a philosopher, and my first and only cat Sammie, an organic alarm clock, respectively.

Selected publications

Kan, M. Y. & Gershuny, J. I. (in press) 'Gender Segregation and Bargaining in Domestic Labour: Evidence from longitudinal time use data’. In R. Crompton & J. Scott (eds) Gender Inequalities in the 21st Century. Edward Elgar.

Kan, M. Y. & Gershuny, J. I. (forthcoming) ‘Calibrating Stylised Time Use Data with Diary Data’ Social Indicators Research.

Kan, M. Y. & Gershuny, J. I. (2009) 'Gender and Time Use Over the Life-course'. in M. Brynin & J. Ermisch (eds) Changing Relationships. New York & Oxford: Routledge.

Kan, M. Y. & Pudney, S. (October 2008) 'Measurement Error in Stylized and Diary Data on Time Use'. Sociological Methodology, 38, 101-132.

Kan, M. Y. (March 2008) 'Measuring Housework Participation: the gap between "stylised" questionnaire estimates and diary-based estimates'. Social Indicators Research, 86(3), pp. 381-400.

Kan, M. Y. (March 2008) ‘Does Gender Trump Money? Housework hours of husbands and wives in Britain’. Work, Employment and Society, 22(1), 45-66.

Kan, M. Y. (November 2007) 'Work Orientation and Wives' Employment Careers: an evaluation of Hakim's preference theory'. Work and Occupations, 34(4), pp. 430-462.

Kan, M. Y. & Heath, A. (February 2006) 'The Political Values and Choices of Husbands and Wives'. Journal of Marriage and Family, 68(1), pp. 70-86.