Posted July 16th 2018

Congratulations to Professor John Chalker on winning the Dirac Medal!

St Hugh’s Fellow Professor John Chalker has won the highly prestigious Paul Dirac Medal.

The Institute of Physics cited his “pioneering, deep, and distinctive contributions to condensed-matter theory, particularly in the quantum Hall effect, and to geometrically frustrated magnets.”

The IOP described his work as “extremely influential” and said he had made “seminal contributions” to physics.

“His work is known for both its depth and its utility, and has been highly influential to experimentalists and theorists alike. One of Chalker’s striking abilities is to initiate a bold new approach to a problem while also providing deep and lasting results.”

The Principal of St Hugh’s College, the Rt Hon Dame Elish Angiolini DBE QC FRSE, has written to Professor Chalker to congratulate him on behalf of the entire College community for winning the award.

She said: “This highly prestigious award is an outstanding achievement and recognises a lifetime of highly significant contribution to physics.

“The College is enormously proud of your dedication to your science and the support you also provide to our students.”

Previous recipients of the Dirac Medal include the late Stephen Hawking and Peter Higgs.