Posted August 29th 2018

Congratulations to the winners of the Julia Wood Essay Prize Competition!

This year the number of entries to the Julia Wood Prize was 252. The intensity of the competition meant that the judges again felt compelled to divide the available funds, this time equally between four candidates. They are:

Anna Bailey, in the Lower Sixth of Ampleforth College, for her essay entitled ‘The Line to Heaven: An Assessment of the Relationship between Religion and Railways in Nineteenth-Century Britain’.

Mark Connolly, in the Lower Sixth of St Columba’s School, Kilmacolm, for his essay entitled ‘Socialism or death? An Assessment of the Socio-economic Successes and Failures of the Cuban Revolution, 1958-1975’.

Freddie Crawford, in the Lower Sixth of King Edward’s School, Birmingham, for his essay entitled ‘Is More’s Utopia an Idyll or an Ideal?’

Jack Vaughan, in the Lower Sixth of the Bishop of Llandaff Church in Wales High School, Cardiff, for his essay entitled ‘Re-Peel?: An Assessment of Sir Robert Peel’s Influence on the Receptivity of the Conservative Party to Reform’.

The winning essays will be published shortly here.