Sources of Additional Financial Support

There are a number of websites and services which offer excellent advice for students coming to University for the first time (much of which is relevant to students throughout their studies).  While it is not our place to recommend one such site or service over another, we have found this one to be comprehensive.  Additionally, the University of Oxford provides specific advice on this, here.

All students are advised to work out a budget to help prevent financial difficulties arising in the first place.  For guidance on the likely costs of life at Oxford, please see the University’s guidance on living costs here.

If financial difficulties are anticipated, discuss this with someone in College early and do not let the situation reach crisis proportions.

The College and the University between them have a number of options for helping with funding, which include:

St Hugh’s College Scholarships and Bursaries

The University’s Access to Learning Fund

  • If you are eligible for this funding (the site contains comprehensive guidance on eligibility), then you should apply here first.  The UHF, in particular, will not consider an application from students who are eligible for ALF until after they have submitted an ALF application.

The University Hardship Fund

  • This fund aims to assist students who experience unexpected financial difficulties due to circumstances which could not have been predicted at the start of your course.  Again, eligibility criteria are available on the website.
  • In Michaelmas and Hilary terms, applications to this fund should be submitted to the College Finance Office by Monday of 2nd Week, so that the Bursar can complete Part B.  The application deadline is Friday of 3rd Week, and the Committee meets on Thursday of 6th Week.
  • In Trinity Term, applications should be submitted to the College Finance Office by Monday of 0th Week, so that the Bursar can complete Part B.  The application deadline is Friday of 1st Week, and the Committee meets on Thursday of 4th Week.

The Vice Chancellor’s Fund

  • The Vice-Chancellors’ Fund is intended to assist students in the final stages of their DPhil. Awards vary but do not exceed £3,000, and will be calculated on a pro rata basis for part time students.

The College’s Student Support Committee 

(Financial hardship assistance)

  • This committee considers applications from St Hugh’s College students for assistance with unforeseen financial hardship.
  • The Committee meets on Wednesday of 6th week, each term.  Applications must be submitted by Monday of 4th week.
  • Urgent applications may be considered by circulation.

The Barbinder Watson Fund

  • The Barbinder Watson Fund is available to all St Hugh’s College graduate students, by application.  The fund supports research work and the presentation of the results of research work.  Priority will be given to those presenting the results of their research at conferences as a paper or poster and to those carrying out fieldwork or archival and research work away from Oxford which directly supports the research work for their degree course.  Applications to attend conferences relevant to a graduate student’s degree course will also be considered.
  • Applications for The Barbinder Watson Fund should be made via the online form, here.

The Biological Sciences (Medical Electives) Grant Fund

  • This fund is open to all St Hugh’s College clinical medics for assistance in meeting the costs of elective travel (up to £500).
  • The fund also meets the cost of a stethoscope for St Hugh’s College medical students beginning their clinical course.

College Year Abroad Grants

  • Undergraduate students of Modern Languages and Joint Schools in good academic standing can expect to receive some financial help from the College to support their activities during the Year Abroad, if approved by their Tutor. Applications should be made using the online form; they should include detailed costings and a statement of proposed activities. Applications will then be forwarded by the Office to the relevant Tutor for approval. The Year Abroad Grant is up to £800.

Travel Grants

  • The College will support St Hugh’s College students wishing to undertake travel and courses which are relevant to their course of study.
  • Applications are considered by the Student Support Committee in week 6 of term. Applications must be completed using the online form by Monday of week 5. Please note that late applications are not considered by the Committee.

The Italian Exchange Programme Grant

  • This grant is available to undergraduate students studying Italian at St Hugh’s College.
  • Up to £2,000 is awarded to students selected for the Collegio Ghislieri Exchange Programme to Pavia to provide support during their year abroad.
  • Eligible students will be invited to apply during Michaelmas Term in their second year. To discuss the grant, please contact Professor Giuseppe Stellardi

We are very grateful to Dr Gianetta Corley and Mrs Elizabeth Randall for their generosity in supporting this grant.