Undergraduate Finance Guide

Financial planning for your Undergraduate years is difficult without reliable, unbiased information. The Undergraduate Finance Guide has been created to give you impartial, clear guidance on the costs you can expect to incur during your Undergraduate degree course. It anticipates the most commonly asked questions, and seeks to provide comprehensive guidance, including points of contact if you have further financial questions you would like to ask, and including some useful web links to further information.

A summary of the contents of the guide is below.

1  What does it cost and how do I pay?

1.1 University Tuition Fees

1.2 College Fees

1.3 Battels

2  What financial support is available to help fund my studies?

2.1 UK Government Support

2.2 Oxford Support

2.3 US and Canadian Loans

2.4 College Funds

3   Targeted funding and extra support

3.1 Students with children or dependants

3.2 Students with disabilities

4   What happens if…

4.1 …I experience financial difficulties?

4.2 …I have a Year Abroad as part of my course?

4.3 …I suspend my studies or withdraw?

4.4 …I live out in privately rented accommodation?

5   Money management

5.1 Budgeting

5.2 Student bank accounts

5.3 Employment and tax

5.4 Student discounts

5.5 Paperwork

6   Useful contact details


College Accommodation and Food Prices Information 2017-18

Daily/Weekly average room rate: £21.63

Length of undergraduate contract in days: 189 days

You can expect meal costs to be of the following order:

  • Breakfast = £2.07
  • Lunch = £2.91
  • Dinner = £2.96