Posted December 4th 2018

Dr Carol Atack on BBC Radio 4

Dr Carol Atack, Junior Research Fellow and post-doctoral Research Associate in the  ‘Anachronism and Antiquity‘ project, appeared on BBC Radio 4’s When Greeks Flew Kites on Monday.

The programme, presented by novelist Sarah Dunant, “delves into the past for stories and moments that help frame the present, bringing to life worlds that span the centuries.”

This episode was about the use of poison throughout history as a weapon of fear.

Dr Atack discussed the fear of poison in ancient royal courts, the Roman myths about Mithridates the ‘poison king’ and his antidotes, topics which link to her research on ancient kingship and the political philosophy of monarchy.

The full episode can be heard here. Dr Atack speaks from about 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the programme.