Posted September 12th 2018

Dr Janette Chow awarded £10,000 British Academy/Leverhulme research grant

Congratulations to Dr Janette Chow on her successful application for a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant for 2018-20.

The grants “support primary research in the humanities and social sciences” and Dr Chow’s research will focus on ‘lexicalisation’, the process by which a new word becomes part of a child’s vocabulary.

The project title is “Sleep and Vocabulary Development in Toddlerhood.”

She plans to recruit one hundred 30-month-old toddlers from participating local families and conduct an experiment at the Oxford Baby Lab to examine the role of day-time napping and overnight sleep in the integration of newly-learned words into the vocabulary of toddlers. She will also model the structural characteristics of toddlers’ vocabulary data using network science.

Earlier this year Dr Chow received grants from the Oxford University Returning Carer Fund, and from College’s Jacky Lambert Research Funding.