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08 June 2016

Academic Lecture with Professor Dora Biro

Join us for an Academic Lecture with Professor Dora Biro, Tutorial Fellow in Biological Sciences, on Wednesday 8 June, 6.30pm to 8.00pm, at St Hugh’s College.

Professor Biro will give a lecture on:

‘The Hows and Whys of Living in Groups: Perspectives from Birds and Apes’.

Living in groups presents both challenges and opportunities. Group members have to resolve potential conflicts and make joint decisions on how to coordinate their activities if the group is to remain cohesive, but they can also draw on each other’s knowledge to solve problems better, passing these solutions down from generation to generation to build animal “cultures”. Professor Biro’s research investigates the cognitive underpinnings of these phenomena – group decision-making, collective intelligence, social learning and culture – in both birds and primates, and tries to pinpoint general organisational principles that have interesting parallels in human society.

Guests welcome.

St Hugh’s students may attend this event free of charge. Please register below.


There is a limited amount of parking at St Hugh’s College for visitors with accessibility requirements. Please contact us if you require this.

We are a short walk from Oxford city centre and it’s a lovely walk along either Banbury Road or Woodstock Road. If you would prefer to hop on the bus the Oxford Bus Company runs services along Woodstock Road (city6) and Banbury Road (city2). If you are travelling from further afield you can make use of the Oxford City Council Park and Ride. If your visit is under two hours there is parking available on St Margaret’s Road.

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