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Dr Claire Nichols

Associate Professor of the Geology of Planetary Processes

I use the magnetic signals recorded by rocks to understand Earth and planetary formation, the environment of early Earth and planetary habitability. Earth has undergone billions of years of complex physical and chemical evolution leaving many questions about its earliest history unresolved. I look at the magnetic signals preserved by ancient rocks from Earth, the Moon and meteorites to gain insight as to how our solar system and planet formed and how life subsequently emerged. I combine synchrotron and electron microscopy techniques with rock magnetism, palaeomagnetism and fieldwork in an attempt to understand planetary formation and Earth’s earliest history.
My current research includes examining the magnetic signals in banded iron formations – a type of ancient marine sediment – to understand how these large deposits formed when Earth had less oxygen in its atmosphere. I am also studying samples collected from the lunar Apollo missions, with a particular interest in recovering oriented information about the Moon’s ancient magnetic field geometry and developing sampling approaches for future crewed missions to the Moon. Other current research projects include investigating iron and stony-iron meteorites, particularly the pallasites, to understand early interactions between planetesimals (planetary building blocks).

I joined St Hugh’s College and the Department of Earth Sciences in 2020 as Associate Professor of the Geology of Planetary Processes. Before that, I was a ‘Simons Collaboration on the Origins of Life’ postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where I studied ancient planetary magnetic fields in order to understand whether they play an important role in planetary habitability. My PhD from the University of Cambridge (2017) examined the nanoscale magnetic properties of meteorites to recover ancient records of internally-generated planetesimal magnetic fields. Before my PhD I completed an MSci in Natural Sciences (Physical) at the University of Cambridge (2014), specializing in Earth Sciences.

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Associate Professor of the Geology of Planetary Processes
Earth Sciences
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