Tom Crawford


Department: Academic - Lecturers

Other academic positions: Stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics at St Edmund Hall and Stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics at St John’s College

Tom is a Stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics at St Hugh’s where he teaches the applied courses to the first and second year undergraduates. He specialises in Applied Maths and completed his PhD in Fluid Dynamics at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Prof. Paul Linden. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Maths from Oxford in 2012 where he studied at St John’s College.

Alongside his teaching commitments, Tom works closely with the outreach team at St Hugh’s and regularly gives talks in schools and universities across the UK. His award-winning website hosts videos, podcasts, puzzles and articles that aim to make maths entertaining and understandable to all. Some of Tom’s partners include BBC, the European Mathematical Society, Cambridge University Press, Oxplore – Oxford University’s Digital Outreach Portal, the Naked Scientists and New Scientist. His persona the ‘Naked Mathematician’ has even seen Tom become something of a minor celebrity in the world of maths communication as he quite literally strips maths back layer-by-layer… For the latest updates be sure to follow Tom on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram @tomrocksmaths.

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