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College Register


This College Register provides brief biographical accounts of the 2643 women who came to study from the year of the College’s foundation to the year in which the University granted full collegiate status to the women’s colleges. It covers the growth of student numbers, from the four who registered at St Hugh’s Hall in 1886, to the sixty-three who matriculated as members of the University in 1959. In between is revealed an enormous diversity of family backgrounds, of subjects studied and of careers pursued, cumulatively shedding light on great changes in British society over 125 years.

As the former Principal writes in the Foreword: At the beginning of the period covered it was very unusual indeed for a woman to come to the University , and even by the end of the period covered, far fewer places were available to women than to men. The courage shown in some of these lives is humbling, and the commitment to service in all kinds of areas, but not least in school teaching , is striking.’

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