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‘Dare unchaperoned to gaze’ A Woman’s View of Edwardian Oxford


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At the beginning of Michaelmas Term 1905, two bright and vivacious students at St Hugh’s Hall, Oxford – Dorothy Hammonds and Margaret Mowll – decided to start a Diary. The Diary is illustrated with Dorothy’s delightful sketches that characterised their verbal sketches of daily life in Edwardian Oxford.

It is also particularly precious, because it is the only strictly contemporary record, from a student perspective, of this early period in the College’s history. Hitherto it has been known only to a few specialists. Now, this facsimile edition can secure the wider audience it deserves

The Diary is a St Hugh’s publication edited by Professor George Garnett and transcribed by Debbie Quare, Nora Khayi, and Amanda Ingram.


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