Our Graduate Community

IMG_20150509_160642“Studying in Oxford is so much more than attending lectures and sitting exams; being part of a college and participating in its social life are essential ingredients for an unforgettable experience. The MCR – that is the association of graduate students at St Hugh’s – is here to help you make the most of your time by representing your interests to College and the University, by organising social events, and providing welfare support. We disseminate termly cards detailing all events run by the MCR; the best way to get to know the MCR is to come along to our events and talk to your fellow students.”

Aurore Lyon, MCR President 2015-16.

hughs mcr main

87 Banbury Road, where the MCR is housed.

The MCR is two things, the graduate student body of College, and the physical building at 87 Banbury Road which is allocated to the graduate student body as a common room and workspace. The role of the MCR is to provide an antidote to all the hard work that will be expected of you during your time at Oxford, as well as to represent your interests within College through the annually-elected committee. With nearly 400 members, the MCR is one of the largest graduate student common rooms in Oxford, its members include international and local students, Clinical Medics, visiting students, affiliate members and a vast range of academic interests and a wealth of experiences and backgrounds. Despite its size, the MCR retains a homely feel, and hosts a wide variety of social events throughout term time and during the vacation period.

 MCR Committee 2020

For more information please see either the MCR website, their blog and their Facebook group.

President: Alex Brandts (DPhil Computer Science)
Vice-President: Amartya Sanyal (DPhil Computer Science)
Secretary: Florence Smith (DPhil History)
Wining and Dining Officer: Josh Cowls (DPhil Information, Communication, and the Social Sciences)
Wining and Dining Officer: Stefano Novello (DPhil Mathematics)
Social Secretary: Bea Rhodes (PGCE)
Social Secretary: Madeline White (History of Science, Medicine, and Technology)
Welfare Officer: Kat Friege (DPhil History)
Welfare Officer: Barney Poznansky (DPhil Chemistry)
Sports Representative: Joshua Thomas (DPhil Zoology)
Environment and Charities Representative: Miranda Stevenson (MPhil Archaeology)
Academic Representative: Saed Khawaldeh (DPhil Clinical Neuroscience)
International Representative: Hyei Jin Kim (DPhil English)
Equalities Representative: Simple Rajrah (MPhil Political Theory)
IT Representative: Joseph Mochhoury (Law)
Freshers Representative: Serte Donderwinkel (DPhil Statistics)
Freshers Representative: Reza Rohani (DPhil Engineering)

The MCR Constitution can be found here.


Photos of the MCR & its Members