St Hughs Coast Run: Monday 8th- Friday 12th July 2019

In July 2019 our Outreach Officer, Lena Sorochina ran along the Kentish coast from Camber Sands to Whitstable. She spoke to pupils about higher education, applying to Oxford, course choice, and student life. The aim was to encourage pupils to think about university, while highlighting the fun aspects of student life, as well as promoting the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

In St Hugh’s Coast Run Lena…

  • visited 13 schools
  • spoke to 656 pupils
  • ran 140 kilometers
  • went through 22 towns and villages
  • met 33 teachers

…over 5 days.

We were thrilled to make contact with 6 schools we’d never had contact with before.

Lena spoke to the University about why she was undertaking the project. You can follow her journey as it unfolded on Twitter. The project was reported in the Cherwell.