St Hugh’s admits five to six chemists each year to read the unique Oxford Chemistry course, with its fourth year (Part II) dedicated to full time research. In the first three years (Part I) students attend lectures (typically two each morning) and classes (once or twice per week), and carry out laboratory work (two afternoons per week) at the Department of Chemistry on South Parks Road. The lectures set the outline for the course material, but most of the core learning is via weekly tutorial assignments in College.

The Oxford Chemistry course provides outstanding training in academic study and cutting edge research. Consequently around 40% of St Hugh’s chemists proceed to a higher research degree, either at Oxford or elsewhere. Many take up research and science-related posts in industry. Other employers also recognise the strengths of the course in encouraging deductive and critical analysis: Oxford chemistry graduates are employed in banking, accountancy, finance, law, computing, information science, forensic science and other professions.



Professor Luet Wong

Jennifer C. Green Fellow in Inorganic Chemistry

Professor Stuart Conway

Professor Stuart Conway

E. P. Abraham Cephalosporin Fellow in Organic Chemistry

Dr Mark Ford

Stipendiary Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Dr Malcolm Stewart

Stipendiary Lecturer in Organic Chemistry

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