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St Hugh’s is a constituent college of the University of Oxford. The University is divided up in to more than 30 different colleges and halls.

St Hugh’s College is a self-governing institution. The Governing Body, which is composed of all the Fellows of the College, is where all strategic decisions or changes to policies are ratified. The College also has a number of committees, including the Academic Committee, Finance Committee and Estates Committee. These committees focus on specific areas of the College and make recommendations to the Governing Body to inform its decision-making. The Governing Body and many of the committees have representatives from the JCR and MCR.

The College has charitable status and the members of the Governing Body are Trustees of the charity.

Information and regulations

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Freedom of information

Under the Freedom of Information Act, the College is obliged to put information into the public domain. As part of our responsibilities, we will endeavour to be as open and transparent as possible, while recognising that sensitive material cannot be made available to the public. For instance, information relating to individuals or which involves confidential commercial considerations will be exempt from publication.

Our Freedom of Information Publication Scheme is a guide to information the College has published or intends to publish, and where to find it.  Please consult the Scheme to find out whether the information you require is already available.

Disability equality

The College recognises its statutory duty not to discriminate against disabled students and staff by treating them less favourably than other persons as well as the statutory duty to make reasonable adjustments, both anticipatory adjustments and individual adjustments for disabled staff and students.  A copy of the College’s Disability Equality Scheme can be found below in the list of College documents.

For details of the Collegiate University’s Disability Equality Scheme, please visit the University’s website, or contact the College’s Disabilities Officer.


St Hugh’s College welcomes diversity among its staff, students and visitors, recognising the particular contributions to the achievement of the College’s mission which can be made by individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

St Hugh’s College aims to provide an inclusive environment which promotes equality, values diversity and maintains a working, learning and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all its staff and students are respected to assist them in reaching their full potential. The College will work to remove any barriers which might deter people of the highest potential and ability from applying to the College, either as staff or students.

The College is committed to using its best endeavours to ensure that all of its activities are governed by principles of equality of opportunity.  We summarise the analysis  we undertake on the current make-up of staff and students, together with summary data on job applicants and student admissions.

Equality Report and Action Plan 2020-21