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Academic Transcripts, Letters & Certificates

The College Office is able to provide both former and current students with academic transcripts or official letters confirming your studies at St Hugh’s. These may be required for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Council Tax exemption
  • Opening a bank account (international students)
  • References for potential employers
  • Applications for further academic study
  • Visa letters, either for personal travel or to support family members visiting

More information about these letters and how to obtain them can be found below. Please return any completed forms and forward any queries to

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eDocuments Service

Most current students and many alumni are now eligible for transcripts through the eDocuments service. To register for the service, you will need your student number and to pay a one-off fee of £15. Please see the University eDocuments FAQ page for more information on registering and a link to the student site.

The eDocuments service will give you access to several course documents, current and future:

  • Final transcripts
  • On-course transcripts for taught undergraduate and graduate students
  • Degree certificates
  • Degree Confirmation Letters (DCLs)
  • Diploma supplements

Paper degree certificates will still be issued for degree ceremonies, but all other documentation is now electronic.

Moreover, you can share your documents with third parties (such as employers, other universities and authorised government agencies) for verification purposes, through the Connections feature or via the QR code on every document. Documents can also be printed or you can save copies. (Please note: the saved files will be encrypted and are not suitable for upload to secure portals. Do encourage third parties to use the Connection feature if you need to share your documents securely.)

Academic Transcripts

Final transcript: On completion of your degree, your final transcript will normally be issued within 24 hours of your results. You will receive an email from the eDocuments service when it is ready to view. Please note: you will need to register for the service in order to access your electronic transcript.

You can order hard copies of your final transcript at a cost of £12 each through the University online shop, or by post, by downloading the postal order form from the right hand side of this page (for payment by cheque only). If you are expecting examination results, please wait until you receive your results in Student Self Service before requesting hard copies of a final transcript. Requests placed before your results are released may not include your final results.

Courses commencing prior to Michaelmas Term 2007: If you started your course prior to Michaelmas Term 2007 the College will be able to produce a transcript for you (please complete the Transcript Request Form and return it to the College Office.)

On-course transcripts: If you are a taught undergraduate or taught graduate student, you can now request your on-course transcript from the My Exams area of Student Self Service. This will show your academic achievement to date but will not include a final classification. An on-course transcript will reflect the information you see in Student Self Service; courses that have not yet been confirmed will not appear until the exam entry window has closed and you have received confirmation. The transcript also includes information about your course, and identifying student information.

Enrolment Certificate

If you are a current student, most requests for confirmation of student status can be resolved using your Student Enrolment Certificate which can be found using Student Self Service.

The Enrolment Certificate details both your term-time and home address, as well as academic and personal details. Once you have printed it off, you can bring it in to the College Office to have it stamped and signed.

Banks, Visas & Council Tax Exemption

Current students (for whom the Enrolment Certificate is not adequate) and past students, who require confirmation of their student status, can ask the College Office to produce a signed and stamped letter.

Please download the Letter Request Form and fill out as appropriate, before returning it via e-mail to the College Office.

Replacement Degree Certificates

If your degree certificate is lost, stolen or damaged, you can order a replacement certificate at a cost of £40. Please note that students are only permitted to have one copy of their certificate in their possession at any one time, so multiple copies cannot be requested.

If you graduated prior to February 2010 and did not receive your degree certificate following the ceremony, you are entitled to request a free copy. Certificates can be ordered through the University online shop, or by completing the postal order form (found on the University Website).

Recent graduates: If you recently graduated, and your degree certificate was posted out to you, it should have arrived within one calendar month. Please note: if you have not received your degree certificate within three months of your ceremony date and you fail to notify the College within that period, you may be charged for a replacement certificate.

Diploma Supplement

If you are applying for a course in a European university, most institutions will ask you to supply an academic transcript. However, some institutions may ask you to provide a diploma supplement. This document consists of the academic transcript, a statement quantifying your course in terms of European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS) credits, plus additional information describing the higher education system. It cannot be provided if you have not yet completed your course.

Diploma supplements can now be obtained through your eDocuments account if you are eligible. The letter should be accompanied by the final transcript. For more information do see the University guidance here.