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During your time in Oxford your College is your home. There are a number of facilities provided, some in College and some outside, to support you while you are here.

The College’s buildings and grounds are managed by our professional Estates team. More information, including how to raise an online maintenance request, is included below.

The College takes Health & Safety very seriously. Our Health & Safety Policy requires that all accidents and near-miss accidents are recorded, helping us to prevent further accidents or potential accidents in the future. If you experience an accident, near-miss accident or encounter a potential hazard, please inform us by filling out the form under the Health & Safety menu below.

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College Lodge

The College Lodge is located immediately on the left of the main entrance through the wrought iron gates. The Lodge is staffed by a team of Porters 24 hours a day who are responsible for security around the College. They are the first point of contact for all people visiting college, signing in all visitors, alumni and contractors.

They also welcome new students when they arrive, ensuring they have their room keys and University card, as well as information about life at St Hugh’s. The Porters are there to help students 24/7, be it for practical information or pastoral care. The Lodge is part of the Safe Haven scheme for all students across the whole University which provides a line of communication between College Porters in Oxford.

As well as the above responsibilities, the Porters are the College’s first responders to fire alarms and any first aid situations. They also take post and deliveries for the College and sort it into student and staff pigeon holes.

The College Lodge telephone number is:  01865 274 900

Buildings and Maintenance

Our professional Estates team manage a diverse portfolio of Victorian and modern buildings, and our grounds and gardens.

There are occasions where maintenance may be required. If you are a member of College and wish to request maintenance, please do so via our online maintenance request form.

It is important that all maintenance requests are recorded in the maintenance request system. This allows the team to ensure that all requests are logged, actioned quickly and monitored. The system also provides the team with maintenance data which they can review, and use to improve service and how preventative maintenance is managed.

If there is an emergency the College Lodge (01865 274900) should be notified in the first instance, and an online request completed afterwards.

Accidents and Near-Miss Accidents

We hope that all of our students and staff will stay safe during their time at St Hugh’s, but we realise that accidents can sometimes happen.

The College’s Health and Safety Policy requires that all accidents and near-miss accidents are recorded. This enables us to ensure that accidents are prevented in the future, and we would therefore encourage all students and staff of St Hugh’s to fill out the form below to report any accidents or near-misses.

The Health and Safety Executive defines an accident as “an event that results in injury or ill health” and a near-miss as “an event not causing harm, but [which] has the potential to cause injury or ill health”.

Please do let us know if you notice anything in and around College which you think might lead to an accident if left unchecked, or if you experience an accident.

Any urgent concerns may be directed to Paul Blake, Building Maintenance Manager, at


St Hugh’s is known as the ‘island site’ due to our beautiful gardens and sense of space. You can learn more about our gardens and the team who manage them on their Hugh’s Horticulture blog.


Students have access to washing machines and tumble dryers in the basements of Kenyon and Maplethorpe Buildings, and irons and boards are available from the College Lodge.

Student kitchens are well equipped with  standard appliances.


There are computer rooms open 24 hours a day for student use, all of which are networked and have standard software. Computer rooms have networked photocopiers/printers and there is also a colour photocopier/printer in the library.

All current students will be issued with a St Hugh’s email address.



The College gym, located in the basement of the Rachel Trickett Building, comprises three rooms featuring:

Main room
Six Concept E rowing machines, two treadmills, one leg press, mats and gym balls, and a drinking water machine.

Cardiovascular room
Two exercise bikes, one cross trainer, and mats and medicine balls.

Weights room
One chest press, one pull down and one shoulder press.

All rooms have an iPod docking station and fans.

The guide to joining the gym includes a membership application form and Terms & Conditions. Please return the application form to the College Lodge or Accommodation Office.

Induction Video

Please take the time to view the induction video before using the gym.

Music Practice

The College has several rooms available for students to practice and the Chapel is available when not in use for services or private prayer. Keys are available from the College Lodge.

The College also owns several instruments for student use details of which are in the Student Handbook 2020-21.


Student parking permits

Our parking permit policy can be read here.

Student Event Booking Form

To book your student event with Conferences Department please click here.