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Fellows and Lecturers 2023-24

Lady Elish Angiolini LT DBE PC KC FRSE (Principal)
FELLOWS (by seniority)

Professor A W Moore (Tutor in Philosophy)

Professor G S Garnett (Tutor in History)

Professor M B Giles (Professorial Fellow in Scientific Computing)

Professor J S Getzler (Tutor in Law; Vice-Principal)

Professor L L Wong (Tutor in Inorganic Chemistry)

Professor P J Mitchell (Tutor in Archaeology)

Professor P D McDonald (Tutor in English)

Professor S J Vainker (Fellow by Special Election in Oriental Studies; Curator of Pictures; Tutor for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion; SCR President)

Professor S R Duncan (Tutor in Engineering Science; Computing/IT Fellow)

Professor R G Grainger (Tutor in Physics)

Professor C J Stevens (Tutor in Engineering Science)

Professor C Wilson (Tutor in Medicine)

Professor T C B Rood (Tutor in Classics; Dean of Degrees)

Professor N E R Perkins (Tutor in English)

Professor J B Martin (Tutor in Statistics)

Professor D P Marshall (Professor of Physical Oceanography)

Professor R Perera (Fellow by Special Election in Medical Statistics)

Professor E E Leach (Tutor in Music)

Professor G Loutzenhiser (Tutor in Tax Law)

Professor R Baker (Tutor in Mathematics)

Professor E O J Mann (Tutor in Medicine)

Dr T Sanders (Tutor in Pure Mathematics; Dean of Degrees)

Professor J B Parkin (Tutor in History)

Professor E M Husband (Tutor in Psycholinguistics; GB Secretary)

Professor C Ballentine (Professorial Fellow in Geochemistry)

Professor D Doyle (Tutor in the Politics of Latin America)

Professor H Eidenmüller (Professorial Fellow in Commercial Law; Sports Fellow)

Professor A Jérusalem (Fellow in Engineering Science – Solid Mechanics)

Professor H Oberhauser (Tutor in Mathematics)

Professor E E Saupe (Tutor in Palaeobiology)

Professor È C Morisi (Tutor in French; Library and Archive Fellow)

Professor T D Cousins (Tutor in Human Sciences)

Professor R Cont (Professorial Fellow in Mathematical Finance)

Dr D F Taylor (Tutor in English; GB Representative to the Alumni Association)

Professor B Kornmann (Tutor in Biochemistry)

Professor A Abate (Tutor in Computer Science)

Professor B Kocsis (Tutor in Physics)

Dr S Clifford (Tutor in Economics)

Professor R L Vilain (Senior Tutor)

Mr G D Prior (Bursar)

Dr D R Jenkins (Fellow by Special Election in Medicine; Dean)

Professor A Majid (Tutor in Experimental Psychology)

Professor E Bond (Tutor in Italian)

Dr J A W Grower (Tutor in Law)

Professor R L Tanner (Tutor in One Health)

Dr T Püschel (Tutor in Evolutionary Anthropology)

Professor E Zhao (Tutor in Management Strategy)

Professor A Mietke (Tutor in Physics)

Professor M Booth (Tutor in Electrical Engineering)

Dr A J Middleton (Fellow in Modern History)


Professor J T Chalker (Senior Research Fellow in Physics)

Professor S Pašeta (Senior Research Fellow in Modern History)

Professor P Blunsom (Senior Research Fellow in Computer Science)

Professor M Bentley (Senior Research Fellow in History)

Professor M F McMahon (Senior Research Fellow in Economics)

Professor E H F de Haan (Senior Research Fellow)


Professor M R Macnair (Fellow by Resolution in Law)

Professor A A Ahmed (Fellow by Resolution in Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

Dr J Large (Fellow by Resolution in Economics; Dean of Degrees)

Professor I C Thompson (Fellow by Resolution in English Education)

Professor J Cook (Fellow by Resolution in Musculoskeletal Sciences)

Professor S C Carvalho (APNTF in Palaeoanthropology)

Dr A Hein (Fellow by Resolution in Chinese Archaeology)

Professor G C De Luca (Fellow by Resolution in Clinical Neurology and Experimental Neuropathology)

Ms G Aitken (Fellow by Resolution; University Registrar)

Professor L Alemany (Fellow by Resolution in Entrepreneurial Finance)

Mr B Lawrence (Fellow by Resolution; Director of Development)

Professor N S Bui (Fellow by Resolution in Asian Laws)

Dr J Miller (Fellow by Resolution in Physics)

Professor Á Cartea (Fellow by Resolution in Mathematics)

Professor M F Reeves (Fellow by Resolution in the Anthropology of Migration)


Dr N Wang (Junior Research Fellow in Mathematics and Data Science)

Dr A Smyth (Mary R Emerson Career Development Fellow in Engineering Science)

Ms N Vorozhbyt (Visiting Fellow and Ukrainian Writer in Residence)

Dr K Travers (Powys-Roberts Postdoctoral Fellow in Modern Languages)

Dr J Laing (Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Philosophy)

Dr N Vertovec (CDF in Artificial Intelligence)

Dr K Nichols (Belcher Visiting Fellow in Victorian Studies)


Dr P G Fowler (Classics)

Dr L E Bird (Biochemistry)

Professor R Perera (Psychology)

Dr R Palmer (Medicine)

Dr M Ford (Physical Chemistry)

Dr M I Stewart (Organic Chemistry)

Dr D Holdsworth (Clinical Medicine)

Dr G Murphy (Surgery)

Dr C Kaiser (German)

Dr H Gazzard (English)

Dr P Fait (Classical Philosophy)

Dr P J Stylianou (Ancient History)

Dr J Bell (Philosophy)

Dr P Alexander (Social Anthropology)

Dr J Miller (Physics)

Dr J Buckler (Medicine)

Dr L Watts (Medicine)

Dr G Chapman (Medicine)

Dr A Hamblin (Medicine)

Dr C Bateman (French)

Dr T Coombes (Music)

Dr M Vázquez-Montes (Human Sciences)

Dr E Sellon (Clinical Medicine)

Dr C Campbell (Chemistry)

Dr A Davies (Medicine)

Dr G Perdigão Murta (Portuguese)

Dr A Violet (French)

Dr A Middleton (History)

Dr C Pull (Biology)

Dr Y Liu (Mathematics)

Dr R Phillips (Music)

Mr J Feis (Engineering Science)

Dr W H Kelly (Anthropology)

Dr L McDermott (Psychology)

Dr Z Smallwood (Chemistry)

Dr H Wynne (Linguistics)

Mr O Cassell (Medicine)

Mr C Falcó (Mathematics)

Ms R Crossley (Mathematics)

Mr O Featherstone (Medicine)

Ms R Mitchell (Mathematics)

Dr N Petela (Biochemistry)

Ms E Rawkins (Law)

Mr N Shiaelis (Physics)

Ms A Ceccarelli (Mathematics)

Dr S Dierksmeier (Medicine)

Dr J Baldwin (Music)

Dr Y Wei (Engineering)

Miss J Jones (English)

Ms J Strawbridge (Arts/Humanities; Learning, Development and Support Tutor)

Ms L Reiche (Macroeconomics)

Dr L Rowlands (Chemistry)