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The UK emergency number is 999 – call this number if you need to summon an ambulance, or the police or fire services. Inform the Lodge (01865 274 900) if you call the emergency services to the College site.

The Lodge is open all day, every day, and should be your first port of call for queries out of hours. To speak to a Porter, call 01865 274 900.

Use the Maintenance Request Form to report things which are broken or need cleaning. Any urgent matters (leaks, no light etc.) should also be reported to the Lodge. Please report any accidents or near-misses through the website.

To report noise disturbance, call the Lodge, anonymously if you prefer; a Porter or Junior Dean will remind those making the noise to be considerate of other students.

The number for the College doctors at Summertown Health Centre is 01865 515 552. Details of the College Nurse and other sources of medical support are on our Health and Welfare page.

You can refer yourself to the University’s Counselling Service for support. This is not an emergency service – if you feel unsafe or need to speak to someone urgently, please contact a member of the Welfare Team; outside of office-hours, contact the Lodge. Below are the numbers of some Oxford and national helplines:

Samaritans     01865 722 122

Oxford Nightline     01865 270 270     (8pm – 8am)

Papyrus     08000 68 41 41