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Alumni Association

The Association of Senior Members (ASM) officially changed its name to the St Hugh’s Alumni Association at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June 2014.



The St Hugh’s Alumni Association has been in existence since 1928.  It is made up of all members of the College, and the Principal and Fellows of the College.

Any person not otherwise qualifying for membership, who has provided distinguished service to the College, or who has a continuing interest in the College, may be elected as an associate member of the Association by the Committee.

Please note that any member of the College who is sent down, or who leaves the College before the completion of studies and does not subsequently return, forfeits their membership of the Association.


The St Hugh’s Alumni Association works alongside the Development Office. Its aim is to promote continuing contact amongst alumni and with College drawing on a shared experience of friendship and scholarly adventure first encountered as students at St Hugh’s.

The St Hugh’s Alumni Association helps to produce the annual Chronicle recording life in College and news of alumni; is involved in the arrangements for the annual Gaudy dinner; and from time-to-time organises Colloquia on topics of particular interest to Senior Members. It also runs the National Network which enables alumni to meet one another in their local area.  Other projects have included the St Hugh’s College Register 1886-1959, edited by Ann Soutter with Mary Clapinson, which can be bought from our online shop. Its Annual General Meeting is held each year alongside the Alumni Association Lunch.

The St Hugh’s Alumni Association Committee
A small Committee meets regularly to plan these events. The Principal appoints the Governing Body Representative on the Committee. The current President is Veronica Lowe. We welcome ideas from alumni on useful initiatives the Association might take.

The National Network
Zena Sorokopud is the Alumni Association national coordinator. The aim of the network is to create a vibrant, thriving community of alumni who feel connected to College and each other, wherever they live.

Any member of the Alumni Association is most welcome to organise an event in their home or work area and have it publicised to fellow alumni who would be interested.

In the first instance, please contact Zena Sorokopud ( who will be delighted to hear from you and offer guidance.

Register Volume 1: Updates

If you would like to make an update to an entry in the College Register Volume 1, please contact the Development Team on or +44 (0)1865 613839. Updates will be included in a pull-out list of Agenda and Corrigenda in the front of any future copies of the Register which are sold or circulated.

St Hugh’s adheres to The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force on 25 May 2018. Full details on our Privacy Notice can be found here.



Alumni Association Key Contacts

The ASM Bursary Fund

The Fund is administered by the College Student Support Committee and has grown out of the ASM Charitable Trust. Originally established 25 years ago to assist Senior Members in financial difficulty, grants have been made to those whose personal circumstances have changed, perhaps after a career break to raise a family or to care for someone in ill health.

In addition, the Fund also offers grants to assist Senior Members in furthering their studies or developing a new career opportunity. Grants are not confined to study at St Hugh’s but are available towards the costs of any academic course. In recent years, the Fund has made grants to recent graduates to help with the expense of travel for an internship and the costs of establishing a new career.

To apply for assistance from the Fund or make a contribution to it, please contact David Hodges.

These grants cannot be made without the generosity of others, since the Trust exists from donations made by graduates of St Hugh’s College. If you feel your experience at St Hugh’s gave you the opportunity to make the most of your life, please consider making a donation. A regular gift is much appreciated as it guarantees income, but any donation, however small, is greatly welcome.