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Prospective Graduates

Why St Hugh’s College?

Graduate students at St Hugh’s are an important part of the college community, even though much of their time is often spent at their department/faculty, library or laboratory. Playing a central and active part in the College’s social and academic activities, the graduates of the Middle Common Room (MCR) constitute around half the population of the College’s student body.

St Hugh’s is situated in leafy North Oxford between the Banbury and Woodstock Roads, a site which offers convenient access to the departments of the MPLS Division on South Parks Road and the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter. The College is roughly 15-minutes walk from the central University libraries, and its 14-acre site offers a retreat from the crowds of the city centre, but is closely located to the various amenities in the surrounding areas of Summertown and Jericho.

Further information on graduate provision can be found on the College webpages, and please click here for the College’s selection criteria document. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Admissions Coordinator.

Oxford Map
Map of Oxford and St Hugh’s College.