The St. Hugh’s College archive is comprised of two collections:

The first collection is a traditional College archive containing material such as minute books, student records, papers relating to staff, fellows and alumni, a photograph collection and a variety of administrative records. Information on this collection is below.

The second collection is very unusual for a College archive. It consists of patient records from the Second World War, when St Hugh’s was requisitioned as a Military Hospital for Head Injuries, together with follow up material on brain injury research that was conducted with the veterans. Unfortunately, however, we do not have any administrative records of the hospital or any papers relating to surgeons or other medical staff.

Access to both collections is by appointment only. The Head Hospital collection is subject to the normal period of closure for medical records but can be made available to close relatives of individual patients and to medical researchers in the appropriate field.

The archive is open Monday and Tuesday (9.00am-4.00pm) and Wednesday (9.00am-11.00am). Enquiries and requests for access should be made to the archivist in writing or by email.


Archivist: Amanda Ingram


Tel:            01865 613846

The College Archive

The St Hugh’s College Archive contains a variety of material including:

  • Foundation and Governance including foundation documents, statutes, by-laws and standing orders
  • Committee minutes
  • Early papers on joint undertakings of the women’s colleges
  • Papers on the College buildings and gardens including conveyance and maintenance
  • Finance papers
  • Development and Fundraising including specific appeals
  • The Chapel
  • Admissions including student files, admission registers, academic administration, Fellowships, lectures and academic collaborations
  • Material on the College collections including the library and archive, art, artefacts and silver. Also material on college history.
  • Events including anniversaries, gaudies and building openings
  • Photograph collection
  • Senior Common Room
  • Middle Common Room
  • Junior Common Room including constitutions, minutes, newsletters, yearbooks and handbooks
  • St Hugh’s Club and the Association of Senior Members including material on the College centenary
  • Publications
  • Papers relating to past Principals, Fellows and staff
  • Papers relating to individual alumnae
  • A collection of the awards and honours presented to alumna Aung San Suu Kyi

The archive currently has very few maps and plans or material on domestic management.

We have begun a project to digitise a variety of material from the archive to be made available online together with information on the history of the College. Below are links to this material which will be added to on an ongoing basis:

The other ex-women’s colleges in Oxford are:

Lady Margaret Hall, founded 1878, went co-ed 1979

Somerville College, founded 1879, went co-ed 1994

St. Anne’s, originally the Society for Home Students, founded 1879, went co-ed 1979

St. Hilda’s College, founded 1893, went co-ed 2008