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17 December 2020

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Colonial and Postcolonial Cyprus: Transportal Literatures of Empire, Nationalism, and Sectarianism

Dr Daniele Nunziata

Congratulations to our alumnus Dr Daniele Nunziata (World Literatures in English, 2013) on the publication of his book Colonial and Postcolonial Cyprus: Transportal Literatures of Empire, Nationalism, and Sectarianism.

Cyprus is a particularly charged political and imaginative environment: once a British colony, now partitioned and caught between Greek and Turkish influence. The book analyses colonial and postcolonial writing about Cyprus, before and after its independence from the British Empire in 1960. 

The texts written in or translated into English which Daniele Nunziata explores, from Victorian travellers like Esmé Scott-Stevenson, through to mid-twentieth century figures like Lawrence Durrell and Costas Montis, to contemporary Cypriot writers like Yiannis Papadakis and Nora Nadjarian, reveal surprising continuities as well as striking divergences and fractures.

As he explores them, Nunziata develops an argument which (like the case of Cyprus itself) has much to offer the overlapping fields of postcolonial studies, translation studies, and comparative and world literature.

The book is published by Palgrave Macmillan.

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