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Human Sciences

The College normally recruits four undergraduates each year to this exciting, interdisciplinary degree, which studies humans as both biological and social animals.

Central topics include human behaviour and its evolution, genetics, population growth and demography, ethnic and cultural diversity, and the ecology and epidemiology of human disease.

Throughout the Human Sciences degree, students are encouraged to explore what it is to be human from a combined biological and social perspective, making use not only of the College’s own resources, but also those of the Pauling Human Sciences Centre, a few minutes walk away on Banbury Road. As well as providing a focus for many informal meetings and a location for lectures, this offers a library and well-equipped computer room.

Recognizing that Human Sciences is an interdisciplinary course, there are no subject specific entrance requirements. A-levels (or equivalent) in Mathematics and Biology are useful, but students coming to Oxford with a purely arts background have also completed the degree successfully.

Course Information

UCAS code


Entrance requirements


Subject requirements

Biology, Maths

Course Duration

3 years (BA)