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The Barbinder Watson Trust Fund

This fund supports research work and the presentation of results of research work.  It is available to graduate students, and priority will be given to those presenting the results of their research work at conferences as a paper or poster and to those carrying out fieldwork or archival and research work away from Oxford which directly supports the research work for their degree course.  Applications to attend conferences relevant to a graduate student’s degree course will also be considered.

The fund is open to graduate students of St Hugh’s College.  DPhil students must be currently within four years of the start of their DPhil.

Applicants may apply for funding to the following levels over the course of their degree:

  • for a 9-month taught course: up to £100 in total
  • for a 12-month taught course:  up to £150 in total
  • for a 2 year taught or research course: up to £250 in total
  • for a DPhil: up to £500 in total, covering up to the first four years of study

Applications must be made in advance of the project or trip; retrospective applications will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. The scheme only supports research work outside Oxford. Research work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Consulting primary research material such as archives, holdings etc. central to the research project
  • Fieldwork
  • Collaborative laboratory work

If you have any doubts as to whether your planned project qualifies for support under the scheme, you should consult the College Office or Senior Accountant before preparing your application.

How to Apply:

The application form can be found here, and guidance notes on how to complete it are below.

  • Eligible costs include travel, accommodation and subsistence but not, for example, consumables and equipment.
  • The College contribution should be part of an overall effort with the Faculty, Academic Division, University and other funding sources to support research.  Graduates should discuss other sources of funding with their Supervisor and College Advisor.  Although the College will consider applications which do not have support from other funding sources, in such cases the applicant must explain why it was not possible to obtain other funding.
  • Applicants should plan their applications carefully, to ensure that they are applying for the relevant funding at the most useful point in their course (for example, DPhil students may wish to delay applying until they wish to present a paper or poster at a later stage of their course).
  • The application must be supported by the applicant’s Supervisor and also by the College Advisor.
  • Applications will be considered by circulation throughout the year, and will normally take up to one month to be considered.
  • A report of up to 500 words summarising the research/conference attendance must be submitted within one month of your return to Oxford.