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The Biological Sciences (Medical Electives) Grant Fund

This fund is open to applications from all St Hugh’s College Clinical Medics, to provide assistance in meeting the costs of their medical elective.Applications must be made in advance of the trip; no retrospective applications will be considered.

Eligible costs include travel, accommodation and subsistence but not, for example, consumables and equipment.

Depending on the funds available, applicants can expect to apply for one grant of up to £800.

A full proposal setting out the academic case must be submitted, along with a full budget and a letter of support from the academic supervisor.

The form below allows you to give outline details of the project and budget, but you are requested to attach the detailed documents as .pdf

Applications will be considered by circulation throughout the year, and will normally take up to one month to be considered.

A report of up to 500 words summarising the research/conference attendance must be submitted within one month of your return to Oxford.  Please email this to

Students may apply to the fund to cover the cost of a stethoscope.  Applications for this purpose should be accompanied by a receipt verified by a College Tutor.  Again, this can be uploaded alongside the form in .pdf format.  The £800 grant available to students undertaking an elective placement is not diminished by a stethoscope application.


Applications for grants from the Biological Sciences Fund

Grants are made towards the cost of elective travel (up to £800), and may also be applied for to cover the cost of purchasing a stethoscope