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Vacation Course and Travel Grants

Prior to applying to the College for a travel grant, please make enquiries to ascertain whether you can get help from departmental funds.  Attendance at courses that form an essential part of degree work is normally subsidised by the department concerned.

If you cannot get any financial assistance from your department, complete the form below, to apply for a grant or bursary towards a course, conference, or travel which is related to your course.  The period of the course/conference/travel need not take place during vacation time.  Please note that if you fail to complete the cost section of this form fully, your application will not be considered.

Please also note:

  1. travel and courses must be relevant to your course of study for the Committee to consider your application
  2. requests from MBA students for funding for treks cannot, regrettably, be considered as the treks are not directly related to the MBA itself
  3. The Student Support Committee will not usually consider retrospective applications for travel grants

Your form must be submitted no later than Monday of 5th Week, and if you can submit it earlier that would be helpful.  The Student Support Committee meets on Wednesday of 6th Week. When it considers your application, the Committee will normally assume that full use has been made of other potential sources of finance.

It is a condition of any grant awarded that you provide a report to the Committee on the course/travel undertaken and this should be sent to the Bursar’s Office within a month of your return.


Vacation Course and Travel Grant Form