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All meals in College are accompanied by allergy information about the food we serve; you can also consult the weekly menu. While we do our best to cater for those with allergies, we do not operate an allergen-free environment. This means that, while a dish may not contain allergens such as nuts, dairy or seafood, it will have been prepared in a space that uses those ingredients. The College also serves pre-prepared food manufactured elsewhere which may contain allergens, or may be produced in a location in which allergens are present. Wherever possible (and where not already identified by labelling on the product itself), the College will identify potential allergens.

College members with known food allergies should notify the Catering Manager of their dietary requirements at the start of each term, so that suitable meals can be prepared for them. Those with food allergies must also tell the catering team at the beginning of each week which days they intend to eat in the Dining Hall so that as many precautions as possible can be taken when preparing individual meals.

Please do get in touch with the Catering Manager if you would like to discuss other dietary needs, including halal or kosher meals.