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Internet Safety


It is imperative that you keep your antivirus software fully licensed and up to date, as well as protecting your computer by making sure it has the latest updates installed.

Sophos Anti-Virus can be downloaded free of charge using your SSO login from

If you encounter a virus either in the computer room or your own machine, please let IT Services know immediately. If your computer is unprotected IT Services reserve the right to disconnect it, as well as any other computer considered to be a threat to the network.


Please ensure that you read through the following webpage to familiarise yourself with information with regards to phishing emails –

This is something that has been on the increase, so it’s essential that you know what Phishing is and how you can safeguard yourself against it. If you receive an email that you’re unsure of, please let IT services know and they’ll be able to advise you on what to do.