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4. Junior Common Room Information

Welcome to St Hugh’s!

As your JCR President, I’m incredibly proud to extend a warm welcome to our college community. Embarking on your journey at University can indeed feel daunting, but here at St Hugh’s, you’ll find a supportive community that is dedicated to making your university years some of the most enriching and memorable of your life.

At Hugh’s, we are bound together by an unwavering collegiate spirit, steeped in a proud tradition of academic excellence and dynamic extracurricular engagement. Set against the picturesque backdrop of our vibrant and peaceful gardens, you’ll soon discover a close-knit community where lifelong friendships are forged and cherished.

Our JCR lies at the heart of student life, representing your interests, organizing events, and fostering connections that make your college experience unforgettable. Whether you’re diving into academic pursuits, getting involved in extracurricular activities, or simply enjoying the camaraderie of College life, our JCR is here to support you every step of the way.

Please not hesitate to reach out to the JCR Committee with anything. We’re here to make your university experience the best it can be.

I hope see you all around College!

Jinhong Yuan (Jimmy), JCR President

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