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Onsite Contractor Form

Onsite contractor form

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All contractors and suppliers must read page 1, AND complete page 2 of this form.

St Hugh's College is committed to the Health, Safety and Welfare of all employees, contractors, and visitors involved in the operation of an event.
To ensure all employees, contractors and visitors have the information to cooperate with the Event Management in maintaining a safe working environment and to fulfil the legal requirements of Health & Safety legislation, and the College insurance policy, everyone is required to complete this Health and Safety induction before arriving to site and supply the required documentation.

All contractors must provide:
• Public and/or Employer Liability Insurance certificate
• Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS)
• PAT Testing Certificate (where applicable)

On arrival, sign in at the Porters Lodge on St Margaret's Road prior to accessing the College.


The PPE required will be what is detailed in your Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS), and may include the following:

• Hi-Vis
• Appropriate footwear
• Head protection
• Eye protection
• Protective gloves/clothing
• Dust mask


• First Aid is available at the College Porters Lodge on St Margaret's Road.
• A defibrillator is located at the St Margaret's Road Lodge and the Dickson Poon Building Porters Lodge.
• All accidents and near misses MUST be reported to the Porters Lodge on St Margaret's Road.


• Please ensure all bags are clearly labelled and not left unattended.


• A valid parking permit is required from the Porters Lodge before parking on site.
• Only drive vehicles for which you are licensed.
• Do not leave keys in unattended vehicles.
• Do not leave engines idling when stationary.

All vehicles left on site are at the owners own risk


To minimise the risk of injury from lifting and carrying, please keep in mind that there is a difference between what someone can lift, and what someone can safely lift. The following principles may help.

• Plan the lift How heavy is the object? Are you wearing appropriate footwear? Can you clear obstructions between the object now and where you are setting it down? Would it be safer to lift with another person?
• Adopt a stable position: Feet apart, well balanced.
• Starting the lift well: Get a good grip on the object, lift with your legs, do not use your back as a lever. Move smoothly, avoid quickly moving the object. Place the object down midway on another surface if needed before you are upright.
• Carrying the object: Avoid twisting your back, keep the load close to the waist with the heavier side towards you. Keep your head up and look for anything that may be in your way, or another surface to put the object down on if needed.
• Setting the object down: Continue to keep the object close to the waist to avoid overstretching, lower the object down with your legs rather than by leaning with your back.


Under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, all work equipment, including Power Tools, is required to be:
• Fit for purpose & In good repair.
• Operated by a competent person, with appropriate PPE.
• Suitably protected and guarded, meaning it is inherently safe to use.
• Key managers shall ensure that all activities within their section are properly planned and those working with power tools are doing so safely.


The use of gas in any portable containers is carefully managed on site. Please speak with your College contact regarding this and ensure this is included in your RAMS.


Various types of underground and overground services are present onsite and a strict Permit to Work system has been developed to ensure the safeguarding of all staff, customers, students and infrastructure in the College.

This can be requested from your College contact


There is a zero tolerance for being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. You should inform your College contact if you are taking any prescribed or over the counter medication that could affect your work.
Anyone suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will be removed from site immediately.


St Hugh's College is a smoke free site, which also includes the use of e-cigarettes. There are designated smoking areas outside the College perimeter which the Porters Lodge, or your College contact, can advise on.

Ensuring safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you see something that you think could be made safer, report it and do something about it. Look out for people that might need help and help them. If you spot something that doesn’t look right to you, please report it.