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Spring 2022

Gardens Update by Head Gardener, Edward Reid

During the winter months as always, we like to spend some much-needed time working around the perimeter and front gardens as we cannot always prioritise these areas of the College during the summer months. It’s also the perfect time to be carrying out our project work.

We have completed the installation of the replacement rose arbour and planted new roses which include Rosa Heidetraum, Rosa Alibaba and Rosa Santana as well as some ferns to provide added interest. We have installed a stone plaque to recognise the special gift in memory of Margaret Brackwell (née McConnachie, Modern Languages, 1943) which made the new arbour possible. The original arbour needed replacing as the weld had perished in a few places. I’m particularly proud that our garden team has managed to carry out the installation without the use of an external contractor. I now look forward to seeing the roses bloom over the summer months.

The new arbour

The newly planted ferns in the Fellows Garden

We have received another generous donation from Judith Portrait OBE (Classics, 1965) which we have used to procure three two-metre tree ferns now planted in the woodland area of the Fellows’ Garden. This will really enhance this area, giving a nice focal point and interest once all the bulbs have died down in the summer.

We have continued to expand upon our wildflower meadow areas surrounding west lawn, hiring a turf lifter to make the process slightly easier. We have sown a native perennial meadow mix directly into the bare soil and topped this up with a cornfield annual mix designed to create a robust and attractive display. This lower growing mixture will provide rich blooms throughout the season. The wildflower areas have proved very popular with both the St Hugh’s community and visitors to the College!

This flower is the Balkan Anemone (Anemonoides blanda) in the Fellows Garden