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Professor Alessandro Abate

Tutorial Fellow in Computer Science


I am Professor of Verification and Control in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford. Earlier, I have done research at SRI International and at Stanford University, and have been an Assistant Professor at the Delft Center for Systems and Control, TU Delft. I have received a Laurea degree from the University of Padova and a MS/PhD at UC Berkeley.


My research interests lie on the analysis, verification, and optimal control of heterogeneous and complex dynamical models — in particular of stochastic hybrid systems — and in their applications in cyber-physical systems (particularly involving energy networks) and in the life sciences (systems biology). I am interested in a principled integration of model-based mathematical techniques with data-driven learning algorithms.


At St Hugh’s I teach to undergraduates reading for the degrees in Computer Science and in Maths and CS.

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Tutorial Fellow in Computer Science
Mathematics and Computer Science
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