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Professor James Martin

Tutorial Fellow in Statistics

James Martin arrived at St Hugh’s in September 2005. He is a University Lecturer in the Department of Statistics, and at St Hugh’s he teaches a range of courses in probability, statistics and pure mathematics.

His research is in probability theory, with strong links to statistical physics and computer science. Particular interests include models of random growth and percolation, models of coagulation and fragmentation, queueing systems and communication networks. He is currently an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow.

Before coming to Oxford, James worked in France for the CNRS, based in University Paris 7, and at the Statistical Laboratory in Cambridge.

Outside mathematics, James is very active as a musician. As a pianist, he has recently worked with singers Christopher Watson, Greg Skidmore and Emily Atkinson, and he sings with a variety of Oxford choirs including Commotio and Sospiri.

Learn more about James on his Department profile.

Tutorial Fellow in Statistics
Mathematics and Computer Science
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