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Professor Joshua Getzler

Tutorial Fellow in Law


My research programmes include: Business Law Hub and Roman Law; while my general interests cover Modern Legal History, Law and Economics, Obligations, Equity and Trusts, Property Theory, Law and Finance, Capital Markets. I teach on the following: Contract, Trusts, History of English Law, Advanced Property and Trusts, A Roman Introduction to Private Law


Joshua Getzler was appointed in 1993. In his modern legal research he is working on the duties of investment agents in financial markets, on the legal and economic structure of debt and equity securities, on the liability of entities in tort, contract and equity, and on theories of co-ownership and fiduciary duty. In his historical research he is working on the relationships of public finance and private banking and investment, and the evolution of property, trust, corporate and charitable forms, in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. He is also studying the role of the lord chancellors in law and politics before the Great Reform Act, from Macclesfield and King through to Hardwicke and Eldon. His first degrees in law and history were taken at the Australian National University in Canberra, and his doctorate in Oxford, as a member of Balliol and Nuffield Colleges. He has taught and researched at the Australian National University, the Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, the University of Chicago, and at the University of Pennsylvania as Bok Visiting International Professor of Law. He maintains links to Australia as Conjoint Professor of Law at the University of New South Wales and as an Overseas Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law. He serves on the editorial board of the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies and the Journal of Equity and is co-editor of the new OUP monograph series Oxford Legal History.


  • J S Getzler and Alexandra Whelan, ‘Common Law and the Constraint of Financial Markets: Credit Rating Agencies as a Test Case’ in Kit Barker, Karen Fairweather and Ross Grantham (eds), Private Law in the 21st Century (Hart Publishing 2016) (forthcoming)
  • J S Getzler, ‘Frederic William Maitland – Trust and Corporation’ (2016) 35 University of Queensland Law Journal 171
  • J S Getzler, ‘Interpretation, Evidence, and the Discovery of Contractual Intention’ in S Degeling, J Edelman and J Goudkamp (eds), Contracts in Commercial Law (Thomson 2016) (forthcoming)
  • J S Getzler, ‘Law, Self-Interest, and the Smithian Conscience’ in Maksymilian Del Mar and Michael Lobban (eds), Law in Theory and History: New Essays on a Neglected Dialogue (Hart Publishing 2016) (forthcoming)
  • J S Getzler, ‘Lord Tenterden’s 1832 Prescription Act: Why Was it Passed, and Was it a Failure?’ in JH Dondorp, DJ Ibbetson and EJH Schrage (eds), Prescription and Limitation (Duncker und Humblodt 2016) (forthcoming)
  • J S Getzler, ‘Personality and Capacity: Lessons from Legal History’ in Timothy Bonyhady (ed), Finn’s Law: An Australian Justice (Federation Press 2016) (forthcoming)
  • J S Getzler, ‘Two Timing the Law’ (2015) 163 University of Pennsylvania Law Review Online 355
  • J S Getzler, ‘Ascribing and Limiting Fiduciary Obligations: Understanding the Operation of Consent’ in Andrew S. Gold & Paul B. Miller (ed), Philosophical Foundations of Fiduciary Law (Oxford University Press 2014)

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Tutorial Fellow in Law
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