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Sarah Dragonetti

Nurse and Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Mrs Sarah Dragonetti is the St Hugh’s College Nurse and Wellbeing Coordinator.

I am available to help you manage health problems and illness, and will be able to refer you elsewhere when necessary. I can give advice on injuries and do dressings/remove stitches and care for wounds. I can also give you advice on contraception and the emergency pill, and am very happy to give support and advice for emotional and psychological problems or just drop in to my surgery in MGA for a chat!  And please note that all consultations are absolutely confidential.

The College Nurse is available daily during term time from 10.30am-3.30pm and if you wish to make an appointment with her, please email as below:



T: 01865 274945 

If you require assistance outside of the Nurse’s hours, please note the Junior Deans are available during the evenings and at weekends, and can be contacted via The Lodge.

College Doctor

The College Doctor has a surgery for St Hugh’s on Tuesday mornings from 08:30am-10:30am Weeks 1 – 8, which is held at Summertown Health Centre and you can book by calling them on 01865 515552.

The 24hr medical advice line for evening and weekend is 111.

Nurse and Wellbeing Co-ordinator
Support Staff