Posted March 21st 2016

Professor Tim Rood awarded Leverhulme Trust funding for three year project.

Professor Tim Rood has been awarded a Leverhulme Research Project Grant for a project entitled ‘Anachronism and Antiquity,’ to be conducted in collaboration with John Marincola, Leon Golden Professor of Classics at Florida State University.

The award of the grant follows from a workshop held at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard, in September 2015. The project will run from October 2016 to September 2019, with two full-time post-doctoral researchers.  Its goal is to undertake the first systematic study of the concept of anachronism in Greco-Roman antiquity and of the role played by the idea of anachronism in the formation of the concept of antiquity itself.  It will explore a wide range of ancient evidence, including Greek and Latin literary texts and material evidence from across the whole of antiquity, as well as the ideas about antiquity expressed by modern historians and philosophers of history. The project follows on from Professor Rood’s earlier research, which has focused on ancient historiography and its modern reception as well as on ancient ideas about historiography.

For more information about Professor Rood’s research, please see his departmental webpage.