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Riot Squad Oxford


Welcome to Riot Squad, a project dedicated to highlighting the agency, individuality and power of women and non-binary people of colour at the University of Oxford. It is an initiative led by a group of Oxford students in partnership with photographers and artists from Royal College of Art, London. As part of this campaign, a range of students who identify as women and non-binary people of colour at the University were invited to take part in a photoshoot, with the vision of sharing their narratives and carving their spaces at Oxford. This exhibition is the culmination of the project. Using art as a vehicle, this initiative aims to prompt reflections on intersectionality, normativity, image and identity.





Felicity Ndebele
PGCE, MSc Education
St Hugh’s College

Renée Kapuku
Keble College


Farheen Ahmed
Law (Jurisprudence)
Pembroke College

Ruha Akhtar
Keble College

Olayemi (Yemi) Anifowose-Eso
Philosophy, Politics and Economics
St Hugh’s College

Kimberley Chiu
English Language and Literature
Exeter College

Sam Kaner
Human Sciences
St Catherine’s College

Yolanda Kisenyi
MSc African Studies
St Anne’s College

Tamiya (Miya) Madovi
Medieval & Modern Languages – Spanish
St Anne’s College

Cherelle Malongo
Classical Archaeology & Ancient History
Lady Margaret Hall

Mbalenhle (Mbali) Matandela
MSc African Studies, MSc Education
St Anthony’s College

Noxolo Ntaka
MSc African Studies
St Hugh’s College

Rei See
Law (Jurisprudence)
New College

René Sharanya Verma
MSt Women’s Studies, MSt Film Aesthetics
Lady Margaret Hall

Nabeela Zaman
Chinese Studies
Pembroke College



Lindo Khandela
Toni Lee
Kendra McNichols
Royal College of Art, London

Gbenga Ojo-Aromokudu (group photographs)
Economics and Management
St Hugh’s College


Acknowledgements and Thanks