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22 June 2021

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St Hugh’s Men’s First Boat creates history at Summer Torpids

Congratulations to St Hugh’s Men’s First Boat who not only won blades but also made history by reaching the highest position ever reached on the river by a St Hugh’s men’s crew since men’s rowing began at the College.

St Hugh’s Boat Club is celebrating the tremendous performances of both of its men’s and women’s crews in this year’s Summer Torpids. Matthew Clark, St Hugh’s Boat Club President said “While the boathouse island felt eerily quiet for the last day of Trinity rowing, it felt really special to be able to round out a year like this with the usual celebrations at the boathouse and dinner. I think it stands as a real testament to the boat club at Hugh’s that we were able to not only field four racing crews in a year where several colleges struggled with two, but that we could build on successes and squad depth at all levels of the club. A big thank you to all of the fans who have been cheering us on, as well as the amazing captains and committee that make this all possible!”

Below is a summary of the teams’ races below:

  • W1 – falling foul of a blades-winning Merton W1 sandwich boat, W1 were unfortunately bumped, but will retain their position towards the top of Division 3 when we return to the usual division sizes, finishing 28th on the river (-1; overall -3).
  • M1 – bump for BLADES – a historic moment for M1, seizing the opportunity to take Brasenose at the gut for blades and to finish 20th on the river. Not only will this see the crew into Division 2 for next year’s divisions with the insertion of 2 absent first boats above, but also marks the highest place that St Hugh’s M1 has ever been in Torpids (+1; +4).
  • W2 – Went +2, bumping Christchurch II, Mansfield II and Pembroke II, but being bumped by University II.
  • M2 – bumped – under pressure from a blades-winning Pembroke M3, M2 conceded at the gut for another scenic power-piece to the finish line.

Below is a collection of photographs taken from the Summer Torpids. From left to right, Men’s 1stTeam; Aerial men’s 1st team; Women’s 2nd team; Men’s 2nd team; Women’s 1st team; Women’s & Men’s 2nd teams.

You can follow St Hugh’s Boat Club on Facebook here, Twitter: @StHughsBoatClub and Instagram: @sthughsboatclub

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