Posted March 8th 2019

St Hugh’s Torpids success

Both the women’s and men’s seconds earned a place in fixed divisions this year in Torpids meaning they will no longer have to compete for a place in bumps. Instead, both crews will automatically qualify without the “rowing on” time trial race. This is a huge achievement and legacy for both boats to leave. On their way up M2 bumped Antony’s, Corpus and John’s whilst W2 caught Corpus, Worcester, Hertford and Balliol.

Both first boats also finished the 4 days of racing in a higher position than they begun with M1 catching Worcester and Somerville and W1 catching Merton, Exeter and Teddy Hall.

At the end of this term we’d like to thank our outgoing captains Fay Amstutz, Lana Firth, Matt Clark and Howard Hall and welcome Sarah Hyland, Jo Wharton, Matt Jones and Chloe Nicklin to take up the job for the year to come.

Here’s to another blade winning Summer VIIIs competition at the end of May!

– Rowan Green, Boat Club Secretary