Posted May 25th 2018

Summer Eights success!

St Hugh’s won a number of blades in a successful Summer Eights campaign this year.

W1 rowed over a sandwich boat, bumped Merton on the same day, and rowed over again on Thursday. They finished first in Div III.

W2 over bumped Hilda’s on the first day, and bumped on Thursday to become the Div 4 sandwich boat. W2 ultimately came first in Div V.

W3 rowed over the first day and bumped Queens W2 on the second day.

M2 were bumped by very fast beer boats on both of the first two days, but M1 bumped on both days; first Brasenose M1, and then St John’s M1. M1 finished 6th in Div II.

Top right photo: M1 just about to bump Brasenose M1.
Photo credit: Chopper Photography

The W1 crew at the boathouse.

W1 after bumping Merton W1 on Wednesday. Photo credit: Chopper Photography.








W3 racing to bump Queens W2. Photo credit: Gareth Ardron.

Stern pair and the cox of M2 on Thursday, shortly before being bumped by the St Catz beer boat. Photo credit: Gareth Ardron.