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A modern College by Oxford’s standards, having been founded in 1886, St Hugh’s nevertheless has a rich history which has formed its current character as a progressive College, dedicated to academic endeavour.

Much of an Undergraduate’s time is spent in College, meaning St Hugh’s is much more than just a hall of residence. Unlike most universities, learning at Oxford is based upon the tutorial system; tutorials take place, usually weekly, in College, or with an external specialist. With around 400 undergraduate students, St Hugh’s has an active Junior Common Room, arranging a diverse array of sports and entertainments.

One of the advantages of its relatively recent foundation is that St Hugh’s enjoys a large site, located in North Oxford, which enables us to provide accommodation for all our Undergraduates for the length of their course. Students often apply to St Hugh’s on the strength of its beautiful gardens; its 14 acres offer a retreat from the crowds of the city centre and are a wonderful place for studying and relaxing, especially in the Summer months.

If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions and Outreach Officer.

Professor Roy Westbrook

Professor Roy Westbrook

Senior Tutor

Luke Jackson-Ross

Admissions and Outreach Officer

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