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MA Degree Day - Saturday 27 July 2024

We are delighted to announce that on Saturday 27th July St Hugh’s has arranged a ceremony and celebration specifically for alumni who wish to have their honorary MA degree conferred.

The status of Master of Arts (MA) is a mark of seniority within the University which may be conferred twenty-one terms or more after matriculation. This is not an automatic process, and to obtain the MA former students must apply through their college to graduate at a degree ceremony (either in person or in absentia).

Am I eligible?

You must already have had your BA or BFA conferred in order to take your MA. The BA and MA degrees can be conferred at the same ceremony.

You must have matriculated no later than October 2017, as the MA degree can only be conferred twenty-one terms after matriculation.

You are not eligible to take an MA if your undergraduate degree is an Oxford integrated Master’s degree (MBiochem, MChem, MEng, MMath etc).

You must not have received your Oxford MA degree previously. Graduands are only permitted to have their degree conferred once at an official ceremony (be this in person, or in absentia).

How do I book?

If you would like to attend the ceremony on Saturday 27th July, please do complete the booking form to register your interest.

Please note: we have currently reached capacity for the ceremony and are now taking bookings for a waiting list only.

Once the College Office has received your form, should a space become available, a provisional booking will be made for you, which will be confirmed at a later point by the University Degree Conferrals team. Spaces can become available up to 30 days before the day of the ceremony.

There is a University administrative fee of £100 for the MA conferral and certificate, to be paid through the University Store. A link will be sent by the College Office once your booking has been confirmed; this must be paid by 27th June 2024. The College celebration is free of charge.

Further information about Oxford MA, and about University Degree Ceremonies, can be found here: Degree ceremonies | University of Oxford

Please do get in touch with the College Office if you have any questions about the day – we look forward to welcoming many of you back to St Hugh’s in the Summer!