Posted February 7th 2020

‘Anachronism and Antiquity’

Congratulations to Professor Tim Rood, former St Hugh’s Junior Research Fellow Dr Carol Atack and alumnus Dr Tom Phillips (Classics, 2003) on the publication of ‘Anachronism and Antiquity’ by Bloomsbury Academic.

The book, which derives from a Leverhulme-funded research grant, is the first full-length study of the concept of anachronism in antiquity. Contrary to the position taken by many modern scholars, it argues that classical antiquity had a rich and varied understanding of historical difference, which is reflected in sophisticated notions of anachronism.

Rather than seeing a sense of anachronism as something that separates modernity from antiquity, the book suggests that in both ancient writings and their modern receptions chronological rupture can be used as a way of creating a dialogue between past and present. With a selection of case-studies and theoretical discussions presented in a manner suitable for scholars and students both of classical antiquity and of modern history, anthropology, and visual culture, the book’s ambition is to offer a new conceptual map of antiquity through the notion of anachronism.

The book may be purchased here. It will be launched at an event in college on 3 March, which can be booked here.