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Vacation Storage

Students are not permitted to leave belongings in their rooms outside of term time, because rooms are used for academic conferences and other external events. College has a limited amount of storage space for students’ belongings during the vacations. Storage is limited to a maximum of two items per student (five for overseas students). Acceptable items for storage are trunks, suitcases, or sturdy cardboard boxes (not mattresses, furniture, or other bulky items). College cannot store or take responsibility for valuables or electronic appliances.

Undergraduate Vacation Residence

Undergraduate students need to vacate their rooms by Saturday of 8th week each term. It is expected that students will return home for the vacation, although exceptions can be made in a small number of cases:

  • Students with formal extended term and/or University exams in 9th and 10th weeks can extend their contracts to cover these periods and will not pay rent for that period.
  • Students who need to be in residence for other academic reasons can request permission from the Senior Tutor, and will require support from their subject tutor.
  • Students who cannot reasonably return home, including those who are estranged, can apply to the Senior Tutor for permission to stay in residence. Depending on circumstances, this can take the form of a formal 9-month lease or approval for periods of vacation residence.

Except in the case of extended term or University exams, vacation residence will be charged at £27.41 per night.

Grants from the College to cover the cost of vacation residence are available if you have a proven need to be in residence during the vacation but are not able to afford to do so. If you believe this applies to you, you should apply to the Student Support Committee by Monday of 4th week in the term preceding the vacation when the additional residence is required. The College Accountant can provide confidential advice on how to do this and on the options for financial support.

Please note that, outside of term time, it may be necessary for you to move to a different room if you are staying in College.