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Undergraduate Finance Guide

Financial planning for your Undergraduate years is difficult without reliable, unbiased information. The Undergraduate Finance Guide has been created to give you impartial, clear guidance on the costs you can expect to incur during your Undergraduate degree course. It anticipates the most commonly asked questions, and seeks to provide comprehensive guidance, including points of contact if you have further financial questions you would like to ask, and including some useful web links to further information.

Fees are due in full at the start of each academic year and no later than Friday 1st week.

Please note non-payment of fees by the deadline will trigger the University’s suspension proceedings.

Accommodation is generally paid termly and is due before arrival in College. If you are paying this with a student loan you must have a direct debit in place in order for payment to be collected on Friday 1st week.

The main exception to this is students that are granted a 9 month lease. This will be invoiced monthly and must be paid immediately on receipt of invoice and no later than 15th each month. We strongly encourage you to have a direct debit in place so payment can be collected automatically around 15th each month.

Please note non-payment of accommodation by the deadline will mean you are in breach of your license to occupy and will result in the college taking action.

Other invoices
During your time at the college you may incur costs such as printing, lost key charges and library fines. These are due within 14 days or will be collected by direct debit if you have one in place.

At the end of your course any debts still outstanding with the college may impact your ability to formally graduate