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Medical Support

If you are in need of urgent medical assistance, the UK emergency number is 999.

For non-emergency medical attention out of hours, ring the NHS helpline: 111 or the College Lodge: 01865 274 900.

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College Nurse and Wellbeing Coordinator

Sarah Dragonetti, College Nurse & Wellbeing Coordinator

“I am available in College to help you manage health problems and illness, and will be able to refer you elsewhere when necessary. I can give advice on injuries and do dressings/remove stitches and care for wounds. I am also able to advise you on contraception and the emergency pill, and am very happy to give support and guidance for emotional and psychological problems. It’s best to email me first, so that I can be sure to be in my room!  And please note, I am required to add notes of any consultation onto the GP medical system, which is, of course, confidential.”

The Nurse’s Surgery is on the first floor of the Mary Gray Allen Building (MGA), but room visits can be arranged if stairs are a problem. Please email the College Nurse if you need an appointment.

Email: or


Summertown Health Practice (GP)

Before you arrive at St Hugh’s, you are required to register with our College Doctors at Summertown Health Centre (OX2 7BS) through their on-line registration form, which you can find at If you then need to see a doctor whilst you are at home you should go to your home GP and register as a temporary patient.

Once you are registered with Summertown Health Centre, you can make an appointment with the College Doctors, Dr Siobhan Becker and Dr Charles Luo. They hold a weekly surgery specially for St Hugh’s students at Summertown Health Centre on Tuesday mornings from 08.30 -10.30. Please book by calling the practice on 01865 515552. Alternatively, you can access other appointments via econsult.

Out of Hours

If you need non-emergency medical advice during the evenings or at a weekend, ring the 24-hour medical helpline 111.

Moreover, the Porters will always assist you if you require guidance or help. The College Lodge is located immediately on the left of the main entrance to College, through the wrought iron gates, and is attended 24/7 by a team of Porters. The Lodge telephone number is 01865 274 900.

The Porters are the College’s first responders to fire alarms and situations requiring first aid, as well as being available to help with practical information or emergencies. The Lodge is also part of the Safe Haven scheme for all students across the whole University, which provides a line of communication between College Porters in Oxford.


For urgent medical assistance, the UK emergency number is 999. Ensure that you give detailed information about your location within the College (building and room) to the emergency services. If you live in College, you can also ask the Lodge (01865 274900) to call for an ambulance on your behalf. The Lodge should always be informed when any Emergency Service has been summoned.

The nearest Accident & Emergency Unit (A&E) is at the John Radcliffe Hospital (0300 304 7777). If you do not require an ambulance but need to go to A&E, please contact the Lodge (01865 274 900) as the Porters can arrange a taxi to take you there and back.

Registering with the NHS

All students who are studying in the UK for longer than six months duration are entitled to register with the NHS. If you are an overseas student, please try to ensure that you register with Summertown Health Centre (as above) early, as students cannot register with the National Health Service (NHS) if they are within six-months of their planned departure from the UK.  Unregistered students have to pay for a private appointment (c.£50-£150). For this reason, it is essential that you register as soon as possible after arriving in Oxford, if not before.

If you require your NHS number for any reason, you can find it using this website:

NHS Prescriptions

Medicines issued on prescription from a chemist or pharmacy are currently charged at a flat rate of around £10 in England. One exception is the contraceptive pill, which is free of charge, but will still need to be prescribed. Emergency contraception (morning after pill), if  prescribed, is free of charge, but is also available to purchase from a pharmacist. The nearest chemists are Woodstock Road Pharmacy, OX2 6HJ; Jhoots Pharmacy, OX2 6AJ; Boots, OX2 7HQ; and Rowlands Pharmacy, OX2 7HQ.

Many overseas students find that their prescriptions are not available in the UK.  Check in good time that your prescriptions are available by visiting the GP, so that alternatives can be arranged if necessary. Please remember that you may need to pay for your prescription.

Dental Services

All adults over the age of 18 usually have to pay standard NHS charges for dental treatment. ‘Studental’, based at Oxford Brookes University, provides a comprehensive NHS service to all students: Please be aware that, since the pandemic, dentists are prioritising patients who are already registered with them so, if possible, it may be best to stay registered with and see your home dentist.

For out of hours dental emergencies please call 111 for advice.


Generally, the NHS does not cover the cost of eye tests and glasses. However, there are many private opticians available in Oxford who provide these services. A standard initial sight test costs about £25 and you must make an appointment in order to be seen.

Separately, the Eye Hospital is a specialist unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital (JR) in Oxford and deals with medical and surgical problems and procedures only. As with all hospital appointments, you need to be referred there by the GP.

Travel Vaccinations

Students who need travel vaccinations should make an appointment at Summertown Health Centre. Please remember that some travel vaccinations are chargeable and must therefore be arranged through a pharmacy. It is best to book as early as possible before you travel. For more information, visit

Specialist Consultations

If you wish to see a specialist or consultant, you must first make an appointment with your GP, even if you have private medical insurance.

Contraception and Sexual Health advice is freely available from the College Doctors and the College Nurse. Full details on Family Planning and STI clinics can be found on the Oxford SU website, and via

Physiotherapy is available via the NHS, so make an appointment at Summertown Health Centre; or, it may be sought privately.

Chiropody is usually sought privately but may also be available via your GP.

Alternative Therapies (Homeopathy, chiropractic, herbal medicine, acupuncture etc.) are not available on the NHS and should be sought privately.