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Get Connected to WiFi

Get connected to WiFi

The student WiFi network is called eduroam. You can use this throughout the University.

You need to have signed up for a Remote Access Account, which you can do at

Note this uses a different password to your SSO.

You can use Eduroam throughout College – this is the best network for students to use. If you are having any problems connecting to Eduroam, please contact us.


See our guides on getting connected for:

Apple devices – including iPhones, iPads and Macs

Android devices – including Samsung, Huawei and Google

Windows devices


Please note that not all wireless devices will connect to Eduroam. Some devices such as smart speakers, games consoles and wireless printers cannot use Eduroam. If it has an ethernet port, it may be able to use the wired network. If not, then unfortunately you cannot use this device in College.